Praise Acutrac/Acumen alarms

I recently bought a fireblade which has an acumen alarm on it. The bike came with one fob, and of course I kept thinking ‘I must get another… I’ll do it next weekend’…

Last weekend I decided to wash and nikwax my RST jacket. I washed it, dried it, nikwaxed it on the Sunday and couldn’t find the bike keys and fob… Til I found them in my jacket pocket.

Needless to say, the fob didn’t work. I dried it out, new batteries and boom! Worked! Result! Went to bed.

Monday morning I woke up, went to the bike… Fob dead. Took it to work, got the tech boys to look at it… Nada. Bought two fobs on eBay, called a recommended alarm technician. (This one may be worthy of shame).

Alarm tech come over on Monday as I was stuck home cos a tree fell down in surrey and England was closed, and he was unable to rectify the alarm. Now in the interim, I’d somehow discovered that if I got the old fob wet, and dried it then it’d work for a few minutes. Enough to reprogramme the new fob, you’d think. Apparently no. Tech assured me it couldn’t be resurrected and I’d need a new alarm. Ouch.

Booked him in for weds morning (today). In the meantime I’d emailed Acumen, explaining the situation. They responded saying alarm tech must have done something wrong. I responded saying he was sure he hadn’t. Dave from acumen then called me, and assured me the tech must have done something wrong. This had never happened. He talked me through the process, and told me to go try it when I got home,

So I got home, got the original fob wet, dried it, disarmed the bike, and tried what he had said… Exactly the same technique alarm tech said he had followed… And it worked first time. In under a minute. Programmed the second fob, same process, simple. Then noticed alarm tech had partially stripped the seat switch wire (earthing it means the process won’t work). Bit of heat shrink and it’s all good.

Called alarm tech to cancel expensive new alarm install, and to ask a few questions… No response.

Let acumen know the process had worked, and they’ve said they will re register the alarm free and send me two free key blanks for the second hand fobs.

In general, great customer service from Dave at acumen. Well recommended.

Now, about that alarm tech…

Should just point out, in fairness, alarm tech didn’t charge for initial call out. For what that’s worth.