Praise: Acumen Electronics

The story goes like this.

I was at uni and I found that the Acumen 1020 alarm i bought off Busters had gone a bit loopy. It wouldn’t respond to the fob controls. Then I decided to ride off with the alarm supposedly “disarmed” since the blue LED wasn’t showing! Wrong! In the short trip home, my hazards were flashing constantly and the muffled tone that WAS my siren was merely a castrated buzz eminating from beneath my seat.

Took the alarm off and did continuity checks with a multimeter on the wiring loom… seemed perfect. Put alarm back on and it persisted in being non responsive. Triggered the alarm and all i got was that crap excuse for a siren!

Anyway, rang busters and they had no idea who was responsible for returns so told me to contact Acumen where i was referred to Paul. Told him what happened and basically told me to redo the tests with him over the phone so he could diagnose it… nothing was resolved so I sent the alarm back to him.

After a week of not hearing back, I e-mail him, told me that the alarm was pretty much buggered so he’ll try to find a replacement. Not only that, as a good-will gesture, they upgraded the alarm to a Cat 3.1 alarm! w00t!

So, it’s bloody glad to have british based customer service for a change where they are empathetic and considerate. Fitted the alarm and it’s working fine! I get the added benefit of a nudge sensor, auto arm and a host of other features.

So big up Paul Kirk at Acumen!