Praise - AC Bikes Dartford

Nestled in a quiet Industrial Estate in the darkest corner of Dartford lies to the bike fettlers dream… Hung from every rafter are the farings of a dozen decades of biking history as well as the guts of every machine going…

I turn up on the off chance and pick up a replacement Radiator Fan and Front Brake Master Cylinder for a mere £40 notes, (Kwak want somewhere in the region of £450 for that little lot brand new). IF you want to return your beaut to her glory … have a kwik look see… AC Bikes Dartford. 10 easy miles East of Lewisham… quick razz distance… Awesome

Cheers guys, specially Charlie and Colin. :smiley: and all the guys who couldn’t give me enough help and advice on everything I asked… AWESOME AWESOME service!

Proper Spinal Tap… 11/10

Hope you were provided with a free cup of tea :wink:

Funnily enough everyone was mad busy pulling something apart…
BUT Colin came up afterwards and apologised for not havin service the 4 course dinner with wine… took me by complete surprise cos you read about these bike places where everyone offers tea and coffee just for walking through the door, but it has NEVER happened to me once in 10 years.

I’ve popped my coffee offer cherry… I’m a REAL BIKER now, :wink:

i never got a cuppa tea! but mind you we was chatting and chatting for ages next time i go there i am gonna ask for a tea

Hmm thats 2mins from my house…might pop in very soon!

I’ve lived here years, never knew it was there…

LOL yeah cause they only been there about a year thats why!!!

Go see Andy…Nice Geezer…

The guy that runs this is a really nice dude. Ive sold him my last few bikes no hassle and a fair price paid and no dealing with people coming over and being annoying!

These place really show be promoted…Tyres,Servicing aswell…Good Geezer who actually has time for customers…And will help you at short notice aswell.