Praise: Abba stands

Fantastic customer service.

I had a job lot of old fitment kits I had forgotten for previously owned bikes - 1 email to them with a photograph and they identified all of the kits for me.

When I ordered 2 kits for 2 of my new bikes they threw in a original left mount I had mislaid somewhere for free.

Cant fault their professionalism & customer service. :slight_smile:

Good product! Seriously expensive kit, though

what do you expect from a good ol Essex Company :slight_smile:

+1. Its a good product & great customer service- You do have to pay for it though!

Sometimes you get a better price if you buy via their eBay shop :wink:

I got a deal as I bought the front lift addition too. Works brilliantly & well secure but it was over £100!

As an old Essex boy +1 Praise Abba

That’s a serious piece of kit!