Praise - A2Z Rider Training

Just wanted to throw this out there as they seem to not have been mentioned heavily.

After failing my first CBT (and before anyone tells me you can’t fail a CBT, I triple checked the definition of fail. Link here) I decided to re-take with another school. My confidence took a bit of a knock that day and I believe my failing was partly due to the instructor we all had (the entire class failed, not just me).

A2Z were fantastic.

Held a spot for me for a week until I got paid
Didn’t tell me off for arriving ten minutes late after I lost my phone
Excellent instructors, cannot stress enough how their attitude got my confidence up to where it needed to be
Good practical advice

I recommended this training to one of the guys who got failed by the other school, he’s booked in for Saturday. Fingers crossed it goes well for him.

Planning on booking my full license here when I’ve got a few more months road experience.

Welcome, sounds like the second outfit were desperate for your hard earned :wink:

Plenty of walking before you run now

What did you fail on?
What did the others in the class fail on?
Didn’t the first outfit offer additional training, I’m thinking a group of lads having a jolly on the CBT :ermm:

Junior failed his CBT, it was a confidence thing with too much hesitation and the right thing. He’d have been a danger to himself and everyone around him on the road. He was given about 12 hours extra free training and a second half price CBT which he passed. I’d not hesitate in recommending RAKtrain in Harlow for either CBT or DAS. They have their own private roads for practice that include a roundabout , ‘t’ junctions etc before you take to the open road.

We all failed on the figure 8, all on cg’s.

I wasn’t happy with the instructor and at the end of the day when we’d finished (packed up at 3pm) I felt less confident than when i’d started and didn’t feel I’d been given enough time for the money I’d paid.

They offered me to return with a £10 discount for the second day, that’s when I decided to book with a2z. Glad I did.