Praise 4th Dimension

Folwing an earlier post on Praise and Shame I thought I would post up and give my opinion of 4th Dimension. My bike was collected in the middle of October last year after my accident and returned to me yesterday. If it wasnt for the Red Bull can mascarading as a catch tank I could have sworn it was a new bike.Yes it took time but Dan kept in touch with me and let me know that there were delays in getting parts (part and parcel of owning a Husky). As I cant ride at the moment it is no bother to me.

The quality of repair is 1st rate and the bike was returned spotless, even the chain was cleaned and waxed!!!

Glad your happy with it John and hope the foot heals soon so you can get out and enjoy it.

Why thank you Dan. Not pleased to have the bike sitting behind me in the kitchen at the moment doing nothing. Still, I did get to ride it 20 yards to the back of my house:DP.S. Who do you get to clean the bikes, I want to retain them!!!

My Dad heads up the valeting department.

so it doesn’t go down well when i point out stuff i’m not happy with.

I expect you get a clip round the ear:DTell him from me “superb job”!!

Since the other thread was posted/updated, Dan and I have been emailing each other about my repair.As I previously stated I was ery happy with the job and my perception was times were extended between the vairous companies involved with a view to maximising costs on claims and hence profits.

It’s been very interesting to hear the other side of the story and how professional the attitude is at 4th Dimension. My delay was in part due to them not being perfectly happy with a respray and hence they sourced a new panel which they had to wait on from Honda. Since the original quote was for the repair, the new panel was actually paid for by 4th Dimension.

Our emails have been long and friendly and I should emphasise that Dan has not asked me to post nor make any changes to anything I’ve said.

I was impressed with the job they did and now I’ve got to see and learn mroe about the company, I’m impressed with the mindset and attitude that they exhibit.

As I told Dan, I hope I never need to use his company again but in the event of needing my bike repaired, I’d be only too happy for them to do so.

Dan - thanks for the time you spent looking into my case and sending me those thorough emails in your own personal time. It really is appreciated. I hope you stick around on this forum - not just because of 4th Dimension but simply because your a biker. Cheers :slight_smile: