Praise (2nd time round)

My first pair of boots are a pair of Sidi Black Rain Evo, which were suggested by a friend of mine as a good all-rounder, waterproof, etc… and if I could get them below about £110 online = good price.

@ the above site I found them @ £95 delivered. They said call to check sizes, they advised me accordingly and sent them out straight away = great boot/great service!

So naturally when I bought a new pair the other week - Sidi Vertigo Corsa Air - I checked other sellers and then called the above to check their price - delivered for about £184 = £4cheaperr than next lowest I’d found. So I ordered them on Thurs 13th and should’ve got them on 14th in time for an evening @ Brands on 17th…

However they still hadn’t shown on morning of 17th (wish I’d chased up on the Saturday TBH), I called them, was given a number and order number for dispatch company who checked it out, found that they had been lost, called me back to apologise and arranged for a replacement pair to be delivered which showed up the following morning…

So would’ve been better to have received them on 14th, but hey, no questions asked and a quick resolution to rectify the problem.

Sidi are great boots, good choice mate.