practice space

Hi all, does anyone know if there is any parking lot in/around London ( ideally east London) that I could use without pissing off anyone, late or early hours. just want a space that is big enough to practice my skills, sort of MOD1 type a space. I’m  new to this forum so let me know if I’m posting in the wrong place. thanks

Any tesco car park late at night is empty, and providing tge skills your practicing arent wheelies, stoppies or burnouts you’ll be fine

Or, if you want to do it in a proper road environment and you are close to Hornchurch, check out the cardrome. It is a little set up for learners to go over and practice on real roads but without any other cars etc. Thinks its about £15 and as its private property you dont need a licence

I use the one behind the stadium at Crystal Palace Park.  Although a shame the top one has been closed due to “illegal incursions” as it has a pair of trees which were great for doing figure-8s around.

Too far for you, but might be worth checking to see if your local parks have anything suitable as there are plenty of big open ones in east London.

Where in east London are you? Marmablade
Self tuition all day £15 (£1 coins needed)

Only today a friend who instructs there was posting photos of the accidents that happen there. You will be sharing the road with seven year olds. Yes, seven year olds …

Also, most people push the wreckage out of the gates and change the driver before claiming on the insurance …

Caradrome is to small to practise anything other than missing all the learner drivers and CBT training

Lakeside, Ikea car park. mid week mornings it’s at least half empty. No good on weekend’s though.

TBF most large supermarkets or retail parks have whole chunks of their car park empty during quiet periods. You could also try some of the Beckton retail parks at bottom of A406 perhaps.

Thanks for the reply all, have found a few empty spaces since, and been chucked out a fair few time too by security! I’m going to try Lakeside this week, see how long I last.cheers (and sorry for late reply, computer dead for a while)