Practice day BSB Brands hatch

Had a good day watching bsb practice on friday, was experimenting with my camera. Also going tommorow :smiley: What ya think?:


and then my bike went pop lol:

Some really nice shots in there,

Yea. nice one Stacey.

Perhaps a faster shutter speed might help get them a bit crisper.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s shots!
Pity about your bike.

Nice photos Stace, you must be pleased with your camera?

Is it just me or are there some truly awful colour combinations, bike/kit, in BSB?!? :w00t:

Sorry to hear about your bike, hope its nowt serious? :pinch:

some good shots in there stacey, has any one else noticed the forks on this bike they look like there going to fall out the tubes!! looks like there broke well captured!:slight_smile:

Some nice shots there Stace:)

What happened to your Gixer?:doze:

Its a kawasaki what more would you expect :w00t:

Mind the Kwakker bashing sunshine :slight_smile:
But those forks do look utterly shonky!

thanks guys, was only playing with my camera so there not perfect i know :stuck_out_tongue:

on the way back from brands on friday, was hammering through dartford tunnel when i noticed a clonking noise coming from my engine, so pulled over straight away. Could of been a few problems but i wasnt running the risk of riding it home so called AA.

Next day my fella stripped it and discovered its the big ends. one of the shells off the carbs shattered and travelled all round my engine. so is quite a big job and money. But hoping to be back soon. On a bandit 1200 for now :smiley:

did ya go on the actuall day?? get any pics of that superstock crash :w00t:

Sorry to hear about your bike as well

Some good ones in there, better panning towards the end. Shame about your bike tho.

If I was being hypercritical ( constructively, of course :slight_smile: ), I would say that you need to be using a wider aperture, for a faster shutter speed , less blur and more importantly less depth of field to blur the background more and bring the subject ‘to life’. Panning would help with the background too. If you have a long lens that isn’t particurlarly ‘fast’ you can help reduce shake when panning using a monopod, v useful for that.

Having said that, nice framing and some a couple of good shots that are a little different to the standard fast bike/hunched rider/lean’t over stuff - like the shots of riders looking back etc. Always better to get away from the cliche’d stuff and look for the unusual.

All in my humble opinion of course.

:w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:Where did you find this? Been searching the net re crash but fruitless thus far?

thanks guys, yeah i was there on race day, monday (yesterday)

and saw that big fireball of a crash, wasnt nice!

its on the bsb website gallery