Dopes anyone have any recommendation for the cheapest place to have them supplied and fitted?

Essential Rubber, Bow 10% discount to LB
HGB Ruislip

Last time I was there Colin said they don’t do extra discounts for anyone because their prices are already low. I had been offered a slightly lower price elsewhere, but went to them because of the recommendation on here. Don’t get me wrong, they did a good job and the price was similar (was a tenner in it), but they don’t give LB discounts. Or perhaps they do but only to people who they know in person.

Fwr kennington

I was at Essential a few months ago, and did get a discount. Potentially they’ve stopped doing it?

Go to Essential Rubber, say I sent you sent you to the boss man there, Mick, and he’ll look after you.

Are you aware that PR3’s are having been superceded by PR4’s?

Everyone runs PR4s fer fecks sake, you would be mad not to.:angry:

protyre in enfeild usually about the same price as essential

Black and round in Dartford, cheapest I’ve found anywhere, but my bike wears Pilot Power 2CT’s

Wouldn’t go anywhere but Essential, even if they are a little dearer. Top service and I know they won’t break my bike. You can’t buy that kind of reasurance.

FwR. Speak to Bob or Chris and say Rory sent you :wink:

I think I get them fitted for abut £240 back in Sept and I think it was reasonable for PR3 and maybe cheaper now.

it was with my local garage called Burwin I have been using them for years and find them a very honest and nice group of guys

I think there is a new policy, 10% discount if you mention LB except for Szymon. I didn’t ask about the discount last time because I thought the price was ok.

They’ve fixed a few punctures for me over the years. Always the same people working there which is positive. Nice chaps too.

that’s what I heard, too many people claiming to be LB members…or friends of friends told, yeh tell them your an LB member…i mean are people that tight? prices are already spot on really.

Yeah I can see why they would kind of stop it… it’s difficult because LB has changed recently and whilst in the old days they may have known LB members, it’s now clearly too difficult. I bet also that because it’s been on the forum in praise threads could be a lot of people are claiming that. I remember the first time I mentioned it they looked at me a bit funny but there was another LBer there at the time… plus I had my lucky keyring :smiley:

To be honest last time I didn’t bother asking for it as what Ratty said is really true… their prices are good, I like the service so I’d rather pay them full price and make sure they stay in business.

I’ve known them a long time mate, asking for discount is…well…just not done for me, I just ask what I owe once the works done.

So, I got recommendations for both FWR and ER from here. I went with ER, figuring that it would probably be the same price or less with the “LB discount” everyone was talking about (and are still talking about above). The discount didn’t happen, c’est la vie. But, if it’s doesn’t happen, we shouldn’t tell people to ask for it.

It in the long run, it was only a tenner, and they did a good job, so I left happy with them (and would now go back there because I’ve been there before and had a good experience). I thoroughly recommend them based on my experience. Just don’t go expecting a special LB discount – expect a good job for roughly the going rate, and be happy :slight_smile:

spot on:)

It took me a while to get on that track of thinking… first time I went there I asked for the discount and kept doing it till I thought: “Why am I doing this?”

I’m all for a bargain but the guys there have always treated me right, Mick has a GSR so has always spent time giving me a few tips on other niggles. His prices are more than competitive so no more asking for discount…

Unfortunately now I’m a bit far to go there but I’d still try if I could link it up with a trip to see others in london.

Thanks for all of the advice guys.

I went for the PR4s and love them. Great grip and handling.

I went to Mick at Essential Rubber in the end and couldn’t be happier with the service. He’s a great guy, doing a great job at a great price. I highly recommend him :smiley: