PPI payback companies getting smarter....

Got a call and started:

“Hello mr silvs my company have a refund for you from a previous agreement, I just need to get some details and I can process it to go back into your account”

Knew exactly what it was so played along a little and then gave them what for.

But seriously that’s some good training right there…

You sure it was PPI? Could easily have been fraudsters trying to get your bank details :crazy:


No it was defo PPI

I have given them by bank details as they assured me they weren’t scammers :wink: (that’s a joke obv)

Yes it’s so funny when they phone and ask you to confirm a few details… I always say: “please go ahead and read them out, I will confirm” :smiley:

Always gets them stumped.

Although now they’ve started saying “well you can call us back”. Chances are they are not hanging up and you think you are dialling whoever but are still going straight back to them… always use another phone :wink:

Looks like they are getting worse, I hadn’t had a call for a few weeks, then yesterday I received one call and a further three calls today.

Hear about the man who charged them?

Recorded him self saying he will charge them £100 a minute consultancy rate if they call him again. They said yeah sure sure, hung up.

Every time they called he recorded it and spoke long enough to get company name etc.

Bill was over £5k in the end. Sent them an invoice. No payment then sent them to court and won haha