I’m in need of a new battery for my bike.
I’ve heard good things about Yuassa…
does anybody have any recommendations of good places to buy batteries?

I bought mine off ebay… bought a numax - cheaper than Yuasa (half price).

I’ve heard excellent things about the motobatt ones. they last unmaintained for a lot longer

Go for one of the new lithium replacements, smaller, lasts longer, longer life span - they are soon to replace all standard ones soon so may as well get in now before they hike the price because that’s all that is available.

Thanks guys.
I think I need to check the reg/rec first though, I’ve noticed the battery drains to a level where the bike won’t start if I make say, five short journeys. If I ride someplace for around 40 mins, the battery seems fully charged.
It was dead thus morning after starting and stopping the engine a fair few times at the weekend.
I did notice that the lights were diming on tickover and brightening when the revs rose this evening (bearing in mind the battery only had just enough juice to start the engine for my journey home.

Am I right that there should be around 14v at around 5000rpm at the battery terminals if the reg/rec is sound?

something like that, yeah

If you don’t have 14.xx DC at 5000rpm, then that points to reg or stator. Stator will need checking too. :wink: Let me know if you need help with that.

For the battery, I used a place on an industrial estate in Watford. Several oriental gentlemen spent 10 minutes talking excitedly in chinese while measuring my battery and taking notes. They came up with a Varta FunStart which fitted the battery compartment like a glove, with enough amps available to start a tractor. £50.00.
I can dig out the address is you’re interested, they also do mail order.

i’ve got yuasa as well, recommended by Matt, was not expensive on ebay about £ 50.

These guys are good - also they are a London (Enfield) company:


Another vote for the motobatt, not had any issues since I put it in.

MotoBatt. best I’ve ever owned. Kicks the bike hard every time you come to start and it just works. Plug and Play.

this was the test that persuaded me for motobatt units http://boulevardowners.com/cafe/index.cfm?page=topic&topicID=157926
handy other thing is they have 2 pairs of terminals so 1 pair for the bike and the other pair for the other accessories I have plugged in keeps it a lot neater…

Cheers for that, motobatt it is then :slight_smile:

I’d go for a Shorai Lithium battery…more expensive, but, worth it…They’re a LOT smaller and lighter than standard and work extremely well. They also hold their charge well. I did a lot of research into the lithium batteries before buying one of the SHorai ones for the Harris and it works really well.

After 3 months of the bike being laid up in the garage with no charging or running pressed the starter button and it fired into life…just doesn’t seem to run down…and cold cranking is fine. I think Matt’s also running one in his 7R too, but, you may want ot double check with him.

Check them out at http://www.carrotcycles.co.uk/index.php?_a=category&cat_id=217

i got some here dude, they good, Gel type, 40% off!!