Power comparison helpo needed 750 to 1000cc

looking at the current market and am thinking about down grading cc to a 750

I do like the lazy power but I am sure a 750 would be cool and well enough…

but can anyone explain to me how different the power feel compared to a 600 and compared to a 1000 as I haven’t ridden a 750 back to back to compare to the other bikes …

A current production 600 cc sport bike has more HP than a 750 did back in 1980. So by old-timer standards even with a 600 cc you are ahead of the game as far as max horsepower. But mother nature is not fooled, you can expect more torque from a larger engine. And the riding position is pretty drastic on a sports bike. The 750s are a mixed bag, the suzuki is a bigger 600, while the Kawasaki z750 is a more upright seating position. Other than that you can expect a 750 will fall in the middle of 600s and 1000s.

Ask B, he thrashes his GSXR 750 round race trackdays every week. I’ve always loved 750’s, though there’s no replacement for displacement in my experience :slight_smile:

Anytime you want to take mine out for a spin, just pop round with the M3’s keys :wink:

I did the go for the less power thing by buying a zx7r…on the track she felt a lot slower so I was holding a bit more speed into the corners…(until I came off that is) but what i did wrong is the fact that the 7 is a lot heavier than the 1000’s I have and so I dont think its a good comparison. If I was you I would look for a bike that is a good deal lighter, the power isnt the big issue its the gearing and weight that makes the major difference (yes I know its relative)

I’ve tried the 1000’s and had some great fun but then went for the GSXR750 for a more involved and rewarding ride. It does everything so well and is quite often the choice for many riders as it has a very good balance of power and useability.

Then recently I had a test on the 08 CBR 600RR. I did have reservations about the riding position and having to work the gearbox but these were false assumptions and the 600 was more comfortable than my 750 and had much more mid range than the earlier 600 models so I was not having to work the gears like a tap dancer.

Best of all was the handling, I only went for a test ride and ended up buying one, will be picking it up very soon. can’t wait to get it on track:cool:

I went from a 1200 to a 750. I had to work the gears a bit more, but it made me a better rider in that I had to chose the right gear for the conditions instead of letting the 1200 torque pull me through. Ended up on a 955 triple though and it is a nice compromise. Not too frantic and still torquey enough to be lazy if I feel like it.

always thought it was

750’s ooooooooh my g…od

1000’s woah ya mutha !! ooops stretched arms :smiley:

Glenn ,

You will be just as quick on a 750 as you are on the 10R buddy - just means you are gonna have to " defect " to a Gixxer :wink:

I knew you would eventually :smiley:

I had a K7 750 and now got a K7 Thou, K7 750 was a more rewarding bike, I was quicker on th etrack for sure on it than I am on the Thou. Turned in and held a line far better and easier to get on the gas out of a bend. Easier to flick from side to side on the twisty stuff and more than enough power at the back wheel. Why did I get a Thou, reason was some one pinched it from my garage

Out of interest, would you ever consider going back to a 750 when you decide to move on from the thou?

Yep with out a shadow of a doubt, TBH regret not replacing it with another 750