power commanders

jonesy has picked up a pcIII and heading for the rolling road for setup soon so a few of us were talking about going along and doing the same

from what i understand, factory bikes are set to run lean, and have specific flatspots to hit the emission regs

thing is i’ve been checking out the stats and for an r1 you’re looking at boosting HP by maybe 4/5bhp (from 140 odd at the wheel) and maybe a couple of foot pounds of torque, and the curves stay in largely the same shapes, just a bit higher.

so basically is the 270 odd for the unit, plus the setup worth it on a litre bike that isn’t exactly short on power to start with?

Yes, it is, just for the smoothness alone, more mpg will please the eco-menatlists too

I have an unused PC111 for a gsxr100k5/6 lying around looking for a good home BTW . . .

since gutting the exhausts, i’m more aware of the opping which might be good to clean up a bit

cheers on the heads up but aren’t the plugs for the harness destinctive to each machine?

Yep, another one here for praising the benefits. I didn’t pay that price mind, but I did get a custom map made from Crescent, and the bike is completely different! When fast riding, it makes all the difference, especially to how you get on the power after hitting the apex of a turn. It gives more confidence as you know it will progressively drive, not snatch! The extra power and torque is a pleasant bonus as well.

The curve does stay largely the same shape, but its those small changes that make a big difference to how the bike feels on the road/track. It makes the power delivery very predictable.

Don’t need one for the Gixxer apparently. Standard Suzuki ignition can be remapped. I’m having mine set up next weekend With a race can and filter fitted it is running rich… should get a bit more then 90 odd miles before fuel light comes on and that was only tootling around too