Power Commander USBlll

just bought a 2nd hand Power Commander, it doesnt come with the cd software, question is how do i upload a fuel map onto it ?
Has anyone here got one they have messed around with ?

you do need the software and a laptop if you want to change the maps yourself. a dyno place will be able to upload the right map if you’re getting it done properly

haven’t tried the download but this might work?


there’s usually a few downloadable maps elsewhere on Powercommander site for your bike given an approx setup (race cans etc). i found it had my bike running a bit rich tho and grabbed a map off the r1 site which i’ve stuck on again recently

yeah, i looked on there and downloaded 2 maps, got the lappy ready with in software installed from the site, just need to figure out how to load it on, i assume its your standard run of the mill USB cable.

might be worth taking it for a proper dyno run and tuning it to exactly what it needs.

mine it so rich with the new can on now, im sure the people driving behind me are getting free fuel.

yup, usb cable that plugs into the side of the PCIII, but think the other end of it is a specific attachment (i leave mine on the bike so cant remember i’m afraid)

a straight through can should make it leaner if anything? (greater air flow through the engine?)

Its the standard mini usb plug used on many cameras, mp3 players and stuff:)

get a custom map and dyno done mate its the only way to go ever bike is different down load maps are good as a base and thats about it see andy southern cross in kilburn k&n filter or better still bmc race filter

heard that the exup value messes with getting accurate a/f ratios so its hard to tune slip ons rather than a full system

any truth in that?

cheers chap, just spoke to them, booking in for 1st week of april, should be race ready for the LB trackday :smiley:

I know it’s nothing to do with it but damn your avatars are similar!!:w00t:

you can talk Shewoolf, im not wearing my glasses, it just looks like a thread of one person talking lol

It doesn’t make it hard according to the dyno shops I’ve spoken with, but it depends what you want.To get the best curve on the R1, you’ll be wanting to fit a full system, velocity stacks (Factory Pro are apparently the best), free flowing filter, and then get a good house like PDQ or Southern Cross to spend time to make a custom map. Smog plates are also useful to get the best air flow into the bike also.In my experience, you can get a good curve with slipons and race filter. Velocity stacks certainly help to beef up the midrange, and back to back testing, (removing them, riding, refitting them and riding again), it’s quite noticeable. The acceleration on my 04 felt substantially greater than a stock 07 I tried.Having the Exup valve connected you will get a step in the curve as the valve goes from closed to open, so some people remove the valve in the exhaust and the servo cables, but leave the servo connected and in place so that the ECU doesn’t throw up an engine management error code (can’t remember the number).Think basejumper can get you some Vstacks cheap if you wanted 'em.

defo interested in some v-stacks, they just seemed really steep in price here

fair enough on the exhaust, thought the deal was that for emissions air got fed back into the exhuast to help burn excess fuel so you didn’t get accurate readings unless you went for the full system which i couldn’t really afford/justify

If my R1 was in the same state of performance as yours and I knew what I know now…All the money I’d spend on the bike in terms of mods would be on the suspension, brakes and possibly lighter wheels.The work I had done on my suspension was a big step over stock, but it was only a basic upgrade…Wish I’d spent more money in that area and possibly on brake upgrades like a Brembo master cylinder…Yeah you have to be a good rider to fully use one of those, but it’s not just about using the full potential, it’s about the feel and how that in turn gives confidence (when you’re happy with it) IMO.Keep an eye on ebay for VStacks if you want them as they occassionally pop up…I’d recommend the Factory Pros, but my Graves seem to do the trick also and I think I paid about 120 all in for them.

seen 'em in the states that work out at 60quid GBP at which point they’re worth a flutter - might try and get a mate to sort them out thats out there.

agreed tho, the bike doesn’t need more power - if anything more power makes it harder to ride. if I stick with the bike on track then will prob get k-tech internals on the front and a good shock on the back if i’m feeling flush. still not maxing the gear its got

haven’t actually spent much in mods so far tbh

there’s definately a limit on power on track for the “average/experienced rider”, my last day at brands i was screaming by the 750’s and 1000’s in the corners, people just use the power in straight lines instead of learning how to use the most possible while still in the corner.

great feeling, yes you may have 50 +bhp more than me, but im still coming past.

Yeah I know that feeling :rolleyes:

Been looking at 600s again…Think I might improve my technique if I downsize the bike. B has inspired me a little, but also I can remember how much fun I used to have on my R6.

My R1 handles much better than my old gen1 R6, but its not quite the same experience in the fun stakes.

That’s pretty much exactly what I got sorted by HM Racing in Orpington…Good bods.

Ktech fork springs and thicker oil and stiffer rear spring.

The 04-06 gen R1s are notorious for having rather soft rear springs which can’t really cope that well with a pie eating champion like me :laugh: