power commander question

im assuming someone on here has a power commander installed on their bike, so i have a quick question.

my mate has just bought a gsxr 600 k7 with a power commander fitted. he wanted me to have a quick spin on it to see what the power felt like - because he felt it didnt seem very powerful.

compared to my R6 it seemed really unresponsive when starting off in 1st gear and at lower revs. is this just the power commander settings do you think? with the r6, you twist the throttle and you get a nice reaction…

any ideas guys/gals?

It may of dropped it’s map this can happen some times get him to take it to southern cross for a power run they will tell you what’s wrong best thi g is to get a custom map hopefully he has a race filter and decat exhausts aswell

If in doubt get it done probably

Southern cross motorcycles
2 Maygrove Road
United Kingdom
020 7328 1428

excellent, thanks for the info!