Power commander for my R1

I am happy:) I just paid for my power commander from www.motomummy.com including shipping it came to £151 SO even IF I get hit with customs tax which i never have before it is still a bargain! Big up the Great British Pound!! :D:cool:

Brand new?? Good price. I’ve got one kicking around for an 04-05, which should also work perfectly with 06, which I never fitted if anyone is interested.

So, your stock R1 was just wasn’t fast enough, eh?!! :wink:

actually its potentially customs duty, and then VAT ontop. so over 200 quid if you get charged…

How would you stand with warranty claims if it was (hopefully not) faulty?

Would Dynojet UK entertain it?

It not about ultimate power, It’s way it’s delivered :wink: I’ll be sticking one on mine:D

Dynojet UK will not entertain it.Been there, done that and luckily because my unit was not faulty but it’s installer (me) was, I didn’t have to suffer the repurcussions of sending it back to the US of A, to an original dealer I had no details of (unit was second hand ebay jobbie).

I had PC3 on previous bikes (RSVR, 04 R1, Tuono) but haven’t bothered on the 06 R1… altough the standard cans suck… I’m in stealth mode for a few years.Can’t say I’ve noticed particularly bad or slow delivery as standard though :wink: I bought a bass guitar from the states… got stung major by customs :frowning:

Still cheaper than buying new here;)

Warranty does not cover it here but IF for some reason it is faulty I will send it back from whence it came.

Be positive people!:smiley:

I think most of us are mate, but just want you to have the full picture.It better all work anyway…We have a trackday to attend :laugh:

PS. Don’t forget to connect the skinny black ground wire from the PC to the frame or battery…Otherwise the bike won’t start. Learnt from bitter experience :rolleyes:

Apretiated:) I buy stuff from the states alot plus i got family there so i am not so worried but it was such a good price i had to share it with you all.

CANT WAIT UNTIL 1st MARCH!!! Bike is prepped and ready, just gotta let some air pressure out the tyres, tape up lights and remove mirrors at the track and I’m ready:w00t: Which way around do we go again… (joke)