Powder Coating?

Hi All,

Just wondered if anybody knows where I can get stuff powder coated in London?

Many thanks in advance

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This question is asked almost on a weekly basis:D

If you use the search facility on here you will find several recomendations:)

My personal favourite is Northgate Powdercoatings in Waltham Abbey

where abouts in london…its a big place :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys, i’ll take a look at Northgate Powdercoatings and also check the search! I tried Googling powder coating but it seemed to show more industrial mass production applications rather than small bespoke items.



P.S. somewhere north London would be best


Hope this helps:)

These guys are supposed to be pretty good.

They did a white RD frame for me years ago. good finish but I waited ages for it.

Really? I know of someone that got a 24 hour service on their wheels? Perhaps they’ve improved. :smiley:

Quite possibly I think it all depends how busy these people get and what colour they are running at the time. They won’t change colour just fot one item. If I’d wanted a red frame they would have done it there and then:D

Thanks Guys, V grateful!!!

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Hi guys I tried Northgate Powdercoaters but they have a 6-8 week wait time!!!

I will try ERA Rodman Bros, but if they have a long waiting list I may be back asking for more suggestions LOL

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Blimey:w00t:They did my wheels in about a week. Must be busy eh?There’s one in Watford that gets good reviews too. i think they are caled (funnily enough) Watford Powdercoating:D

Cheers fella,

I’ll give them a call when it hits 9am :smiley:

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