Powder coating!?

Hiya all, thinking of getting my cbr wheels powder coated or indeed painted, just wondering on people’s thoughts on which is best and how much I’m likely to pay for a good job…cheers!

I think this has been talked about before and this was the place talked about

Triple S are the best I know of, they’re not cheap once you include the postage but if you want quality then it’s worth it.


I painted me wheels. Got a good finish but if I was doing it again I’d send them for a more durable powder coat.

Only problem is I couldn’t find any coasters that would do specialist colours (Kwaki green) without charging loads or waiting until they get something else in for the same colour… Black/white/silver you’ll do fine

I brought my wheels to this guy, http://promopolishing.co.uk/powder%20coating.html

nice guy with really nice price and quality, I was 200% satisfied with his work done (refurbishment and powder coat to white) on my white wheels for my CBR600RR.

see if you want phone him up and hav a chat with him.

That is one trick looking bike yoyo!

thanks :slight_smile:

but white wheels are such a pain in the ass to keep them clean :crazy:

Yeah I bet! My Kwak has green wheels and once cleaned they stay shiny for about 5 miles, until they get covered in brake dust and chain lube :crying: