powder coating

I was wondering if anyone has ever had their petrol tank powder coated, any thoughts on this?:ermm:


Wot the underneath ?

no the whole thing. i spoke to watford coatings earlier and they reckon its a better finish than 2 pac.

Tug i stick up for your daughter and this is all the help you can offer;)

will be better than 2 pack and harder.

The only probs you will have is with the holes for bols etc, pet tap, filler cap etc etc, unless they plg em all properly ya gonna have to get all the coat of the threads and hope ya dont get any in the tank.

hmm two pack will be better…cant imagine powder coating being good at all…did my rear bodywork once and it looked naff…but that was 20 years ago…still got it. Perhaps its better these days but I cant imagine it would be as good as two pac…

I’ve had bits powder coated and it’s Ok for a chassis for example where you need somthing that’s durable but not necessarily great looking but a good paint job wll always beat powder coating, it’s a different process and paint always looks good if done properly.

jasonb (22/10/2007)

no the whole thing. i spoke to watford coatings earlier and they reckon its a better finish than 2 pac.


Depends who does your paint :Whistling:

I would expect the powder coating to be more prone to chips as it’s usually rock hard and brittle, unless they’ve improved it lately since I last saw some :wink:

anyone seen a tank done as i said my rear light unit was done and it looked shite…but perhaps they have improved things…get them to do it and say if its no good then you wont pay for it…you want it at least as good as a factory finish I guess…and I am intrigued that they think they can make it as shiny and lustrous…is that a word, as a 2 pac…

I recently had my Firestorm wheels coated in satin black and they are good enough to win the sexy thread;)

BUT… In saying that the finish, although excellent for wheels etc is covered in minute orange peel type marks which IMO would look dogsh!t on a petrol tank.

Stick to 2P I say:cool:

Nowadays, powder coating can be done in gloss and can give a great finish.