Powder Coating an Exhaust...


Im going to get my standard rearsets powder coated, along with Mels soon. I know what to do in that case but wandered if this exhaust could be powder coated?

Is about 30cm long and thinnish titanium. Would the powder coat las and not bubble/peel off?
I know its baked at a ridiculous temp etc…

Thoughts/opinions welcome.



Interesting idea, I have wanted my link pipe done but it isn’t titanium. I wasn’t sure if powdercoated surfaces could take exhaust heat.

In short, I have no useful information but am interested in the end result! :smiley:

Metal cray known as metcraft done a terrible job powder coating my dads wheels they filled every hole with coating and took two days with a dremel to clear it all out

Fair do’s. Ive had lots done by them, so has my dad. Never been an issue. Ill see how it comes out…

FAO: J.C: I got your PM, ill repsond soon! :smiley:

get in touch with WLODEK on here he does powder coating, will be getting my wheels done soon, seen his work and its good stuff :slight_smile:

Just to bump the orignal question:

Can I powder coat that exhaust?

not sure why not buy some heat proof paint and spray it ?

Use hamerite on the zorst Lewis , steves just done o good job on his fairings !!!


Because after a while it will look pony. I want a good job done that will last and not flake off. Its its ‘baked’ on at a stupid temperature then it will last (hopefully) Plus i want it to match teh rearsets it sits next to and be gloss.

No hamerite knocker boy!

Thought you could only use a ceramic coating on zorsts?


duplicate> D’oh!

Don’t do it. it’ll look shite
Titanium is perfect as it is…although it will take polishing quite nicely

Lewis I’m pretty sure you can but call them up and ask for the guy in the workshop (Jeff I think) or just take it down there.

They’ll give you great advice on what’s best dude.