powder coaters............

anyone info please south east london area :smiley:

Your find all the details of a company I used who are based in Dartford, they did a great job on my swingarm and they were the cheapest as well, RESULT!!!

Here’s the praise posting I did about them; http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic497257-50-1.aspx

The company who I work for have moved to new offices 75m away from them. If you need anything dropped off or collected from them i’m happy to help out, I live in south London.

willow lane powder coaters i think there called. a few mates have used em recently and there work is pretty good and prices arnt too bad at all!! well worth a try!!!

Sent them a email about powder coating a another swing arm and they wanted £70 all in, my other one cost £35 all in at Cray metal finishers.

+1 Cray metal finishers

+2 very good! and quite cheap!

Do you have to take off the parts your self and ship/bring it to them or well they de-assemble it for you?

You need to do all the leg work