Powder coater

hello guys im not sure if ive asked this before but does anyone know of a podwer coater around north london hertfodshire region.


Rodman Bros, New Southgate. (Just off the NC)

I’ve never used them but I pass their premises on the bus!


Unfortunately they dont do sandblasting

That’s handy to know, thanks.

cheers guys

OK, not remotely in the correct region or the cheapest you’ll find, but triple-s - http://www.triple-s.co.uk/ are easily the best bike powder coater’s I’ve come across.

what sort of money are you talking to coat diff items on the bike (as a rough guide)

eg end cans, full slip ons, y-pipes, pillion pegs

are there items that you defo shouldn’t do/aren’t worth bothering with?

See the triple-s link in my previous post, there’s a price list under the powercoating menu on there.

Most things are OK, some parts however, such as air-cooled barrels etc. that need to shed heat shouldn’t be done as it’ll impact their effectiveness in doing that.

For exhaust pipes &/or cans I’d say ceramic coating would be a better bet, someplace like: http://www.camcoat.u-net.com/index.htm

star, cheers