Potentially Fatal Motorcycle Accident - A12 Nr Collier Row

Drei called earlier to say that a Spiderman livered bike was involved in a RTA on the A12 near Collier Row. It looked like a fatality kinda scene :frowning:

keep us updated im near collier row, hope he is ok and not serious.

I hope the rider is OK, let us know

Hope it’s not the guy from TLB. I seem to remember a spiderman livveried R1 on the france ride earlier this year.

Apparently it is not Tony he is a member here too.:cool:

I’m glad it’s not Tony… Hope the rider is ok.


Maybe a slight change in the thread title is in order to save anyone else having a heart attack thinking it was Tony! :slight_smile:

hope its not…i almost swallowed my tounge!!!


Good to hear it’s not, how many bikes have this livery.


It’s not a one off paint job, I’ve seen quite alot of bikes like it.

Thread title updated. I’ve also moved it to Road Watch as the incident will have implications for travelling in the area.

ive just posted on city bikers crew…hope he’ll see it and doubble confirm…


It’s already been confirmed, it’s not Tony.

Many thanks guys and girls, its not me not this time anyway :w00t:

Hope the spider in question is ok ,I know a couple of them Ill give m a ring

Thanks again :cool:

Fank FUKK , glad you’re OK mate.

Lets hope the lad’s OK as well.

I think Tony said there was 3 of them in total. Hope the rider makes a swift recovery.

I’ve never even met you before and I felt a panic thinking it was you. :blink: :pinch:Geez, thank lordy! it’s not …I think I read that the rider didn’t make it though :(So sad…Really feel for the family…What a sh*t waste

Afro (19/12/2007)

I’ve never even met you before and I felt a panic thinking it was you. :blink: :pinch:Geez, thank lordy! it’s not …I think I read that the rider didn’t make itok, i posted this up in the general threads as well, i was worried it was Tony too…glad its not but think it IS the guy who ive met down southend on his bike then…as you say, theres not many about…oh damn…he was a nice guy too…well, we all are but you know what i mean…was proud of his bike…etc. Condolences to his family…that was some accident…looked like he hit the central reservation and flipped over it?..oh man…

Erm, Guys I posted this when it happened :


I know the name of the rider, but obviously would not like to release anything just yet as it’s not fair on the family.

It was fatal, and the rider has died.


my thoughts go out to the rider and family. Glad to hear our Tony is ok though…

Jeez, not another one:crazy:

It’s never nice reading this kind of stuff.

Take it easy out there peeps

Don’t wanna read about any more downs thankyou:cool:

My thoughts are with this guys Family & Friends