POSTPONED: Wednesday 30/3/2022 Normous Norfolk

I’m told of a chippy in Norwich that sells deep fried crème eggs, so I figured its a good excuse for a rideout, weather is meant to be good too.
Im flexible on dates if other midweek ones work better just say.

Meet at Highbeech tea hut at 9, approximately 250 miles in all with a bunch of stops on the way.

That’s an ambitious mileage, after the aches and pains from last week’s <200 miles :slight_smile:

Luckily Wednesday doesn’t work for me so I can duck out gracefully.

Have fun.

I’m not allowed deep fried or cream eggs, have a good day.

Now postponed to next Wednesday 30/3/22

My car has broken, so need to speed a day looking at it :unamused:

Wizard stares down and fixes broken car.

Hope its nothing too expensive or requiring specialist whatnot.

The immobiliser is throwing a wobbly, so it seems expensive and specialist wot nots unfortunately.

When my immobiliser failed I tried resetting the ECU with some complicated procedure that involved disconnecting the battery, jumping a couple pins on the ECU, depressing the brake pedal, switching the ignition on/off half a dozen while playing some old Bo Selecta nonsense in the background. To my surprise that worked but for one day only!

Ended up towing it to our local independent garage who charged me two hours labour to diagnose the repair was beyond their level of expertise, which was mildly annoying, but they knew a man who could fix it which resulted in a further 2 hours specialist labour. As far as I know the specialist opened up the ECU and did some voodoo with a soldering iron!
Total bill came to £280 including the VAT so I’m guestimating that’s a result compared to what a Dealership may have charged.

Here’s 4 minutes you’ll never get back, enjoy

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