Postie Bike Challenge - 3-12 October 2009

Anyone fancy joining me ‘Down under’ for the Postie Bike challenge?

Brisbane to Melbourne the long way round on a 105cc Postmans delivery bike? 3000 km of Outback!

Entry fee Aus$4950, about £2k, plus air fare to Oz. Includes food and overnight camping.

Plus bonus of Phillip Island Australian GP 16-18 Oct, home on the 19th?

a cracking idea, but slightly too organised for my liking! having breaky, lunch and dinner cooked for you is a bit too much…! but still a boss idea!

If i had the time and money i would deffo do this but unfortunately i dont… Have fun though

yer I would be up for it if it was not for the fact it is going to cost an arm and a leg