Post your festivities wishes here!

As I’m off tomorrow morning I will start!

I wish you all a fantastic Xmas, full of nice food and loads of drinking! Health to you and all your family! Next year I wish you all the best luck in the world! Please ride carefully and be safe out there!


I’ll second that! Have a great Christmas everyone and thanks for everything this year, I know I’ve not been around too much lately with work commitments (and it wasn’t even warm in Italy goddammit!) but I’ll see y’all in the New Year!

Take it easy,


I’d like to wish each and everyone of the LB community a Merry X’mas,… have a festive and happy holiday season and best of luck in the New Year!! May it be filled with lots of long asphalt roads,twisting curves and screaming bikes!!!

happy christmas & a merry new year !.

please dont drink and drive!.

Happy Christmas and New year to all, keep the rubberside downwards over the next few months and rember today is the shortest day of the year, so summers on its way.


Merry Christmas! I’m off to Scotland tonight! can’t wait.

Haven’t been riding so much this winter but I’m hoping to do a track day in January at brands hatch, weather permitting.

Have fun everyone!

I too will say MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.

Off to Scotland as well so will not be online, they have only just got electricity, internet is years away up there! (just kidding if there are any northern folk on here)

Thanks to everyone on here for keeping me entertained through the months, please keep it up in 2006.

Great big thanks to Jay, Foxy and Cezar for this entertaining site, long may it live.

Personally looking forward to 2006, bring it on. Back on track on 21st Jan if anyone is interested in going, Brands Hatch here I come. Race licence to be aquired in February and then off racing I go, first round mid march. Am I excited, too right, worse than a kid.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY AND A HOT RAIN FREE NEW YEAR!! Thanks to JAY, TASHA and CEZAR for such a great site, looking forward toLBevents next year

Best wishes of the season to all.

May Santa bring you a radar/laser/speed trap detector, that barely legal loud race can, tyres with more more grip then a monkey on its nuts, lots of ice free, sallt free winter riding days and a big grin when you decide a boxing day ride out is exactly what is required aftre all.

Have a good one.

Happy Chrimbo and a Merry New Easter to you all!

Thanks for the well-wishes guys, it’s appreciated! There’s much goodness coming next year, oh yes, much…

Wishing you all well for Christmas and New Year! Don’t drink to much now!

Easter? Are you dissapearing for months? Too much alcohol and got it wrong?

Have a crimbo card.

Merry Christmas to all of you boys and girls of LB, it’s been said before on here but thanks again to Jay, Cezar and Tasha for creating a great online community that is LB…Once again Merry Xmas and hope to see some of of you next year !!

I want to… I will… win the 2006 BMCRC Nationwide Supersport 600 championship… !!!

See ya in 06… and Happy xmas !!!

Marry Chrestmis everyone!!!

I’d like to wish you ALL a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and A RAT-ARSED, can’t remember what happened, SPANKING NEW YEAR!!!

Stay safe and ride even safer out there, don’t forget the extra drunks driving and running out!!!

Off to Sunny Saville for the New Year with Jay, See you all when were back…

Adios Amigos…

Happy Christmas & New Year to all…

Roll on Summer time…

Wishing everyone a very merry christmas & a great new year! Hope everyone gets what they want off of Santa!!!

Merry Christmas everyone - I’m going to Scotland aswell, seems to be a popular choice on here, dunno why. I’m hoping santa’s gonna bring me a big cheque from insurance co.

I see a shiny bike on the horizon.

For jay and Foxy

the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain
When it falls its really poxy
hope it falls on Jay and Foxy

not that I suffer from envy at all!

HAPPY NEW YEAR…Get your kicks in 06