Post It Notes - a good time to use them!!

Good tip:



shame really…sign of the times

How weird is that i got the same email yesterday L.

Someone in our building has been passing it round the companies.



I’d say guys and girls have been forgetting names for many many years Salee – so it was no different then to how it is now - it’s just that Post It’s make it more convenient…


make sure you can spell otherwise your girl may think you are batting for the wrong team Simon/Simone

ha ha! Love it!!

sign of the times as in advertising co’s using sex to sell bits of paper…

and its a shame you dont get to know the person and their name long before you wake up with them !!!

(not you personally macp)

it was amusing but maybe i look too deep into it

I do that sometimes too and I end up getting depressed so I pop on a pair of roise tinted specs and everything looks so much better!

…at least for a short while…

He he!

Whatever team I play for it will always be the winner! and I’m very good with names Dave…

A better tip is to keep a glass of vodka next to the bed…

If you wake up drunk its always next to a supermodel and you don’t get those annoying toothmarks in your arm from having to try and free yourself…