POST FRENCH DAYTRIP............ :)

What a day guys, I think we rode through all seasons, wind, rain, snow storm, sun, rain, blue sky well you name it we rode through it!! An absolutly brilliant day. Apart from forgeting my camera!! Doh
I got home about 10:45 fcuking freezing and could’nt stop shaking, at least it did’nt rain anytime on the way home Would ride with you guys anytime. SUPERB

Hey Cezar have you got your waterproof top off yet??

My bike was filthy, but now all clean again, well worth it…


That is a sweeeet bike Neil, the pics don’t really do it enough justice.

You must be keen! I’ve been photoshop’ing but now…

The bucket is filling, the bike has been rinsed… tally ho!!

Tally ho indeed andrew, took me about 2 hours of cleaning mate!!

Thanks for the comments on the bike my pride and joy

Looking forward to seeing you on your baby… 675

Glad you enjoyed it Neil! We arrived back about mid-night after stopping off at Foxy’s parents for a rest/coffee/chocolates (mmm…). I’ll process the pictures soon. To Charley, Andrew and Cezr, please email me yours to my LB address and I’ll get them all on there!

Brilliant day, will comment more later, just getting up

Hey, Neil! Thanks for the comapany! Andrew is right, your bike is really gorgeous and the pics con’t make justice enough.

I need help to take the waterproofs off and even though it was a hard job! lol

Arrived home by 1030 ish and took me 40 minutes in the bath to de-penguinize me!

I’ve said it before, Neil…but…I’ve gotta say it again.

Your bike is just wicked tight. Quality bits and a GREAT look.

I’m not jealous at all…nope, not me. LOL

I wish I could have gone out with you guys yesterday…I rode alone all day (again).

Neil, you should have posted before & after pics!

Pavi, i had washed it before i gave pics a thought, my baby was very very dirty!!!

Cezar, “de-penguinize” LOL mate, i think you suffered

Jay, Tash, I would have killed for a hot coffee and chocs on the way home, i was so cold. glad you all got home safe and sound.

Gregman, thanks for the coments mate, gixxer all the way.

Top day… Took Jay and I quite a while to get the feelings back too!! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see Cezar take that waterproof off on his own… that would have been seriously funny!!! LOL…

Had a brilliand but cold day, only for the hardcore!!! Great to get to meet you Neil. Can’t wait to get a more reliable bike so that I can ride next time… Must say, being on the back of the K5 was supprisingly comfortable for the 400 or so miles we clocked up… Thanks Jay!

foxy wrote: supprisingly comfortable for the 400 or so miles we clocked up

ur serious? comfortable on the back of a gixxer? jesus christ - sat there for about 15 km a while ago and must say i nearly died…