Possibly the worst movie ending ever!

NJ next time we meet i want to tell you something i know about too!!

I’m intrigued. . . :cool:

get a room, you two :smiley:

ahem - ladies only need apply for that particular position. . . :smiley:

What position is that, then dude? :hehe:

Well you are not wrong about the worst ending ever.

Gabs, lets you and me get a room and leave the other two get to know each other better :wink:

no need to leave mate :wink:

Beautiful, just beautiful…:crying:

Various positions currently available. . . :wink:

WTF is that about:hehe:

Wtf - :crazy:

Not only a bad ending but very bad music when the credits started.

What worries me more is that he must have watched the whole film to get to the ending…


You thought the ending was bad, you should see the trailer for the rest of it!! :w00t:

Student Confidential

F*ck me, it get’s even worse :stuck_out_tongue:

When the 80’s was bad, it was really bad. . . :smiley:

I think we should try and arrange a special LB Screening…


would have to track down the vhs - I doubt it ever made it to DVD. . . :smiley: