Possibly the first person in history not to complete a CBT

The guys have said it all but I was thinking if your brother rides then he must have other biker friends with smaller bike (400cc 600cc) that might just help you out?

Good Luck Preppy and welcome to LB

Thanks for the words of support. Just wanted to let you al know that I passed. I went back there and told the instructor what I thought of him. I then asked for someone different and got a pleasant instructor and nothing went wrong from then on. It kinda killed him to see my getting on so well with another member of staff when he had written me off. So once again thanks all.

Hey Preppy, just saw this now, and was absolutely appalled by the way you were treated!

I’m so glad there’s a happy ending! Well done you for persevering!


Nice one and looking forward to seeing u at some of our meets


i knew you could do it!!!

very well done mate…very well done…

so hurry up to the cubanna dude…!!!


Congratulation that waste of a teacher will get whats coming to him one day …I hope

Well done! Now come to the Cubanas