Possibly, maybe foiled a bike theft attempt :D

Was driving through Bromley today in the van and spotted a ginger kid in tracksuit pushing a CBR125 on the pavement. I was at a T junction turning right and he was just passing going left.

No lid or any gear for that matter. couldnt see if it had keys or not but the lack of lid had me suspecting something.
Anyhow, I turned right in the hope that I’d see a copper but changed my mind and decided to go see a little closer. As I turned around a copper was coming towards me. I waved out my window for them and they saw me but just drove on. (2way traffic so they could have stopped next to me)

I turned and chased them. caught them half a mile down the road when they stopped. Told them what I saw and they went for a looksie. No blues n 2’s. just normal driving :crazy:

Anyhow, they went to Bromley town centre which ordinary traffic cant use so couldnt follow any further.

If it was a theft then I hope they found him. If it is an innocent kid then SURPRISE!

hahahaha. he would have proper pooped himself :laugh:

Wonder what happened…:Wow::Whistling:

Ginger kid…defo a theif lol

if curly ginger - thief, if not curly - 50:50


That’s awful you two.

Maybe just a misunderstood strawberry blonde.

Nah. Ginger. Got to be guilty of something.

What is a ginger kid doing out in day light hours, surely that is not allowed,:stuck_out_tongue:

his poor skin will melt away =0

Has Ginger had any kids? Perhaps he should give his son a clip round the ear.

oh my Hannibal! ROLF!! Where’s Steve now… :smiley:

well gingers should be culled at birth… oh actually on second thoughts they have useful tools:P