Possible stolen bike

A guy on a ratty Aprilia RS125 came in to buy a couple of mirrors.Now the bike had no ignition barrel and doing a check on the registration with Ask MID AE56 GTF reveals that the bike may be uninsured.

Anyone had an Aprilia RS125 nicked?

did you report it to the coppers?

Yeah, the Police said it wasn’t registered as stolen.

Strange way to operate a bike though.

As the police, rightly, get very excited about uninsured vehicles when they spot or stop them, you would have thought they might have shown a bit more interest.

He didn’t do the insurance check because he said, “that costs us money”.

Oh well :rolleyes:

possibly just been bought as a cat “c” stolen recovered and they are in process of rebuild or even not reported stolen as recovered before thieves could get away and trying to rectify damage