Possible stolen bike(s)

Earlier today I popped into Woodford Motorcycles to have a nose and enter into the R1/Yamaha 50th anni competition.

Whilst there I saw an R6 with Fiat logo’s all over it - looked real nice.

Anyway, been out cleaning my bike this arvo when I noticed a Black Audi A3 S 5 door driving up and down my road - won’t give this name away for sec reasons - but lets say it’s off Chigwell Road - very close to Woodford MC.

The car drove quite fast up and down maybe 3 times - Asian driver maybe 30 years old - quite stocky.

Then out of nowhere when the car appeared again 2 bikes were hurtling up the road behind the Audi - they pulled over outside my gaff - 1 bike was a Fiat Yamaha R6 and the other I think was a Gixxer - pretty sure was 750 in Silver. They were dodgy looking - both riders were about 22-25 yrs old, one defo white (on the R6). They al seemed to know eachother then the R6 took off about 50-60 town a 30mph rd followed by the Audi and then the other bike - all driving like the clappers - one of the things that struck me was th R6 rider was riding down the pavement prior to stopping - clearly a ****.

Tried calling Woodford MC but past closing time now…if anything to see if that was their bike and if it had just been knicked…:ermm:

Mate pm me, that sounds like my bike :angry:

have you reported it ?

Oh ffs!!! Bike theft is going mad!

No as I don’t know for sure that either bikes were in fact stolen. At the time my curiosity was mostly aimed at what they were up to and why they had stopped. I was cleaning my bike at the time and was half expecting a situation as the car driver had driven passed 2 or 3 times - had he clocked my bike? Either way I am mega alert for these bikes now, and car, and will be in touch with woodford mc on tues.

Pretty sure someone on here works for or runs the shop in question

Time to make doubly sure your bike is kept secure when parked at your property, I think…

+1 :frowning: few chains rather than just 1 methinks…

How did this end?

Spoke to Woodford MC just now and it wasn’t their bike, thankfully.

So, now pretty certain it was indeed a 2007 R6 with Fiat paint scheme that I saw. May have been nicked, may simply have been ridden by a moron. Either way, not too happy with the situation even if it was legit, still dodgy though…will keep eyes peeled.

Nicked I bet :angry:

Might be worth going for a little ride around woodford?

I’d be curious, but where do u start?? Like a needle in a haystack!

Start in Sixx58s neighborhood… I agree the chances of finding anything are so unlikely though :frowning:

thankfully jerry gave it a shot and found my bike else I prob wouldn’t have it now :slight_smile: they do sometimes turn up…

i will keep an eye out i’m around them ways;

it could have been an R1 tho theres a few fiat rep ones about.

Thing is, I actually live in a nice area - not much/any bother at all, just that all the scum seems to convene here because there’s nice houses/cars etc…

Last night, sat at home revising for exams, and I heat this weird noise. Like a humming on/off, on/off…no, not a dildo!

Second time it passes and I have a look out the window - get this - two chavs on a scooter (usual, grey trackies, trainers etc…) accelerating then stopping, accelerating then stopping - it gets better - with their left arms extended. Yep, that’s right, practicing stop and snatch tactics!!! Little sh*ts. By the time I’d legged it out the door they were gone.

What to do? My guess is this from now on - if I see 2 scooters 2 and 1 or 2/2 up I will make my feelings know - hazardous or such. I don’t care anymore.