Hi all, this morning i found a red BMW 1130r suspiciously parked outside my house. let me know if you can trace who it belongs to. Looks like a barrel break - minimal damage.

Presumably you’ve told the police?

Setup a covert video camera on the bike and lets see what happens!!!

all you’ll get is footage of it being taken away

only upto the bush from which a large number of angry bikers will emerge :smiley:

Ah mate, they couldn’t have picked a better place to park a stolen bike. +1 for an owner who’s going to be re-united.

As mentioned, report to police. If you have a spare lock, stick it on so it can’t be moved.


Nice one mate.


Bike is still here, i don’t have a spare lock but will try to keep an eye on it, i spoke to the police this morning and it hadn’t been reported as of yet, of course that may have changed since 9am, any other ideas on how i could get the word out there?