Possible scam?

Put my bike on Bike Trader’s website last night and first thing this morning I got a couple of emails.

The first one to which I did reply,

Good Day to u,
In reference to your 2002 YAMAHA YZF-R1 BLUE which am highly intrested in buying it.Really i just wanted to know if its still available or not,if still available pls do get back to me so that we can really talk on it.
And i want you to tell me the last price…???
Thanks soo much and i look up to ur urgent response today…

Then the second one to which I’ve not replied,

Hi Paul,
Thanks soo much for the mail and yea just to let you know that i am not in the position to make call right now cos my phone dont have the permit to make an international call.So you dont need to worry once we conclude on everything i will locate a local pay phone station to give you a call.But am really okay with the details i got from the web site and its really my taste.Really just to let you know that as for the payment,i will be paying with a Certified Bank Draft drawn from a local bank in United Kingdom and as for the shipping i will handle that myself by contacting my international shipping agent to really handle that for me.Also can you help me send more pics of it if you can and if not you dont need to worry yourself .
Really I based in Oslo Norway were i work as a Minner but originally from Wales(Dad if from Wale and mum from Oslo Noway).As for the price i will want you to let me know the last price so that the payment can be sent.If you are okay with me,then you can mail me back nd let us conclude on everything today.
Thanks soo much.

So, what do you think scam or not?

I think its a big yes.

Both sound scammy to me…

Why email someone saying you are interested - just phone em …

#2 Is sooo dodgy but I’d like to know his angle… overpayment cheque??? there is no way he’d get the bike off you…

I reckon scam. The guy is barely literate, I wouldn’t take the chance. Certified bankers Draft. What other bankers drafts can you get? Mate I’d aviod it.

If he really wants it, he can find a pay phone first.

And NEVER accept a cheque, even a bank draft - too easy to get a dodgy one.

I smell a scam alright. I mean, there can’t be many min(n)ers that have international shipping agents, can there?!

a nigerian ‘619’ scam it looks!.

don’t even entertain them.

good luck with the sale.

nothing new bout this scam.

Just say cash only and he will soon not be seen.

Send him a 1:18 scale model of the R1