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Peeps… I was wondering, for those of you that have had offs (that you can remember) and have walked away from with minor or no injury. Have you found that days later, and I mean days later not the next day, that you develop pains/symptoms elswhere on your person due to the off that you didnt notice at the time?


yep when i had my accident at borough i flipped 3 times and got straight back up and road home to but it wasn’t till like 3 hours after that all me leg would no move lool so had to go hospital and it was like that for about a week or so hoping about every were i suppose at the time Adrenalin kicks in and takes over:w00t:

Happening at the moment. I was knocked off last wednesday, and it took until sun/mon for my chest pain to kick in. I thought it was a bruised rib, or chest muscle tear? Either way, It killed for a couple of days, and now its starting to subside. Still hurts loads when I cough or sneeze.

Damn that white van man :angry:

did you see a doc for any occassion for a claim (pm me if you prefer)

it seems crazy but now im getting pains in places i didnt know i had :slight_smile: and im determined the knob that did it is gonna pay for his stupidity

Go to your doctor anyway - you may have injuries that need attention. Also it will be recorded in the notes in case an insurance company make enquiries in the future.

cheers mate will do

hi u need to get a doctor to look at u.if u make uninsured loss claim,helmet,kit,loss off earnings,exess on your bike insurance,traveling expences,prescription u need to start your claim a.s.a.p. which your legal cover will deal with.u can claim for pain and suffering even if u don`t have broken bones.also if your legal are on the ball and it is determined that u are not at fault,u can ask for a interim payment to cover all off the above cost,all if u need physio,the other drivers insurance will happily pay as it will help u get back to work quicker therefore they pay less for loss of earnings.as for compansation this can take a long time .they have to determin the long term effect of your injurys will have on u .this is on the assumption that u are not at fault

best of luck m8



yes… in my wallet

I felt exaclty the same, but it was about 6 weeks before I could get in/ out of bed without feeling like someone was trying to remove a rib with a crowbar. Didn’t hurt on the day at all.

This always happens. I usually tell people to expect things to get worse over the first week before it starts to get better. I had the same a couple of weeks ago. Keep taking ibuprofen (after meals, as long as you don’t have asthma that gets worse with ibuprofen or stomach ulcer problems) and you should be fine. I hope you feel less sore soon.

Awwwww nev mate you have come off a bike, you’ve probaly stretched every bit of your body:w00t: its a shock to the system get yourself back to the dr and if any part really starts hurting then get to A+E;)

Yes and get it documented by a doctor to help with any claim. Keep a copy of everything.

recently i back flipped my bike at cadwell. bike landed on my left leg and there started rolling along the track. my leg was in a bit of pain but kept racing cos to stand around would probably swell me leg. had no other pain until a few days later on my back that was not there when i had crashed:crying:

then few weeks later i hi sided my bike on a roundabout and bashed my left hip and was not till a few days later that my right shoulder started playin up:crazy: