Possible Bike Thieves

A neighbour living a few doors down has just alerted me to possible bike thieves in the Archway area. Although we have both lived on the same street for over 20 years we’ve never got around to chatting to each other (you know how London is) but yet she felt concerned enough to knock on my door and inform me that 2 suspicious men were checking out my bike and the one next to it for a couple of minutes. They never spotted her, but when another person came walking down the street they hid behind a wall until he passed.

My bikes covered, locked, alarmed, immobilised and has the steering lock on so hopefully it’ll be left alone, but this is a heads up to anyone in the area to make sure their bikes secured. I don’t know what I’d do without my bike and I’m sure you all feel the same too.

I hope she’s wrong, but just in case…

PM Sent !!

that sounds well dodgy - do you have anywhere off road to put your bike for a while?

Cheers for the info, that’s not far from me. I’ll stick another chain on my bike I think!!

Cheers Again!!

Phew! Bike is still there. Was checking on it all night though. Unfortunately I don’t have anywhere else to put the bugger.

There is a small space between the house and the front wall (about 3ft) but that’s got my dragstar xvs650 in it, and it would be a nightmare getting the SV1000S in and out everyday as its very tight to get it in and would get scratched to hell. Even so, about 10 years ago I had an RXS100 that got stolen from inside the wall! No mean feat when you realise that the handlebars of any bike there will basically be touching your front window and there’s no room for any person to get in next to it. It would take a few minutes to manoeuvre in and out of the gate so they must have lifted it over the wall and off with it.

Anyway I’m gonna have a word with the lady who saw them when she comes back from work and make a full report to the police. I’m buying a chain today as my disk lock isn’t making me feel secure at all. I know nothing will stop a determined criminal, but if we make it so it’s not worth their while.

unless the chain is attached to something it wont make a great deal of difference

the extra agg each time you get the bike out is a pain but saves you twitching at every noise. whack an anchor into the wall and chain the swingarm to it. if its as tight as you say they’d have a hell of a job getting cutting equipment to it. get some thin-ish polystyrene and attach it to the wall to save the paint work just in case. if you dont want to lean the bike in there you could get a bike grab or make a choc to wheel it into