Possible bike theft vehicle taken from SW18 - look out!!!

Two months ago one of the company vehicles - a Bedford Rascal mini-van, was stolen from Garratt Lane SW18.
Police has reason to believe that it had been used by the thieves to transport stolen scooters/ bikes.
It was later recovered and repaired and today it has been taken again.

The thieves obviously aren’t that clued, up, as it is red and covered with the company logo and other promotional info (phone number, services offered etc - delivery van style), so it is fairly conspicuous.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many other details than this ATM, but just wanted to give people a heads up.
Look out for this van and anyone driving it - they are thieves, possibly of bikes!

The van is this model:

And has our company logo on it:

If you do see it, I’d really appreciate a PM!

That’l be the one that looks like a 1960’s Morphy Richards toaster then. And has the road holding to match?

Your looking for an ESN blagger with a death wish.

That’s for sure…otherwise they’d have nicked a van that they could actually get a bike inside…:wink:

It was probably taken for the engine but good luck finding it…

Am just off Magdalen Road so will keep an eye out for the van - should be light enough for even bikes to ram it off the road!

Seriously though, brother and flat mate had all 3 bikes lifted in one night just off Trinity Road a Millie, 996 and a 750 and most recently his girlfriend challenged 2 men trying to lift his srad gsxr in to a white van on a Summer Sunday evening.

When she challenged the 2 men what they were doing they said “We’re taking it away for repairs”, she then said “that’s my boyfriends bike” and they dropped it and legged it in to the van and sped off.

The millie (fk’ed) was recovered in Morden, coincidentally or not, the van had a company name on it which also traced back to a business estate in Morden…

He now ground anchors all his treats!

ESN - Especially Stupid Numpties?

Hopefully the van will be found before bikes go missing.

thats a piaggio van:P

this was in another THREAD by AFROFound this van on ebay which would be great for my little start up business venture…Would it be big enough to take my bike though

AFRO was looking for a small van for his new buisness venture…:D:D:D,DONT THINK HE LIKED RED ONES WITH BALLOONS ON THEM THO;)


My mistake. It appeared in a Google image search for the correct model van and looks very similar.

I take it that you recognise what you once sold, right? :wink: