Possible bike jacking

I’m not being paranoid about this I’m 99% certain this was the real deal. After the bm meet I chilled at home then went to view a car in selhurst that’s dirty south london to those who don’t know. Was heading towards south norwood when a van come flying up over took two cars and stayed glued to my backside.

Thought nothing of it got to the lights slowed right down they go along side and are staring at me with 3 in the front. Thought meh bunch of ruff necks just looking rode on slowly then when the road opened up I shot off and guess what their trying to keep up. I get to some traffic see a bp garage and without signals turn into there and they follow me and park up.

No one got out they I went to put my side stand down and the doors flew open out came all three and I sped off down the road not looking back and took every single back road I knew to go completely the other direction.

The van was a 52 reg merc sprinter high top all white driven by a black guy and two black passengers both looked in their late twenties that’s all I saw and got.

wel spotted mate! could have been!!

feck not a nice feeling shiver…home safe and sound tho and reported aswell i presume

fucking hell…

Cool thinking mr Shiver… :slight_smile:

Not reported as I had next to no Info to give. I didn’t wanna get to another set of lights or a side road and have them jump me so was just looking for a good place to catch them out. Gutted I didn’t catch the reg.

Sounds like the real deal to me, and also sounds like you made all the right moves. genuinely scary sh*t.

I’ve actually got a plan if this or similiar were to ever happen to me around my area. There are several roads that turn to alleys with bollards, which I could go between and a car/van wouldn’t.

Anyway good thing you had you’re wits about you!

The petrol station should have their reg on CCTV no??
I’d get Bill involved…

Oooh I like your thinking I’ll do an online report.

Times like this I wish I still rode the sv as no one ever wanted to take that from me

CCTV definitely worth a shout.
WTF is the world coming to?

Sounds like the real deal to me mate, thank god u and the bike are still here.

Nivag has a funny story of a similar situation…however it turned out to be the cops themselves thinking he was suspicious! He was trying to get away until they put their flashy lights on!! lol! Don’t think urs was the cops tho :crazy:

Mate there is putting 2 + 2 together and then there is what happened to you. That was blatantly dodgy. I’d follow up with the CCTV.

Plus, everything from a chav chariot to a United Arab Emerates modified Ferrari will try to race you, but a van 3 up, that is very unusual.

Mate that would make me do this…


That said that area is always a bit crap round there. They clearly dont have any smarts about them. If you know the roads you’ve been on you can also apply to get the footage of your self riding down the road. That should show up their plate. If i’m not mistaken i believe you can get this under the freedom of information act. Never had to do it myself so not too sure.

Blooming eck i’d have cacked myself!!! :crying:
Its a shame that petrol forecourts don’t have those spikes that come out the floor so when you pull in your in like a safe area so to speak then if anything does happen they could activate them and stop thieves of vehicles or petrol/diesel etc leaving and if they do try to leave they get punctured tyres!

Nice one for keeping your cool an keeping your bike its a shame but you need to 100% switched on, even when your stationary be ready to take off had a similar experience at some lights dont if it was road rage or robbery but when i see both doors of the motor behind open an two asians guys get out an come towards me i was gone that was in rotherithe.

fuuck that…:w00t:

Thats pretty scary. Maybe you could ask the garage if you can take a look at their cctv. Also, they often have some sort of number plate recognition of everyone who comes onto the forecourt so it might not be too difficult to get the details, especially if you have the exact time.

To be honest even if they got numberplate what have they actually done illegal that can be proved you can be burgled ring the police an end up with a crime ref number these days case closed long gone are the days of discreet inquirys marking of cards an clips round the earholes policing has moved on from heartbeat.

Baz , you sure it wasnt YOU they wanted fella , slave trade n all that ! :Whistling:

Shiv you need to report it! Any evidence is evidence. Even if it sits in the ‘WTF do you think were gonna do with this info’ Box.

One day they may need it and string all this info together.

It was one incident to you, however yours may be one of many involving the van and ANY info may be helpful.

Descriptions of any one in the van would be useful.

I would doubt very much the petrol station would let you look through their CCTV (you never know though).