Possibilities? No V5...

Still no V5 for my bike yet and I’m having massive withdrawal symptoms… Anyway I can tax it? Maybe I should just phone DVLA up? :doze:

Call DVLA … Ask them about your V5 , and tell them that your tax is expiring . They should be able to help you .
They managed to renew my tax over the phone

You can tax it with the little green slip you were given if you recently brought it!

I’ve had the bike from new, gotmitmtax free and just brought it back from Germany and registering it with the DVLA so no tax and no V5 to start with, shall have to give them a bell, been waiting a week.

Pretty sure V5’s are either 5-10 or 10-20 working days.

If its not here tomorrow then I’m calling them, as for today it’s time to sort out all the crap i have in the garage