Posh English teatcher needed! Urgent

I need help! Need a posh speaker to help me with ‘minor’ issues on my English! Any volunteer??

PS: Not funny!

I,ll help ya…

I,ll exactly where you are going wrong and can make it right in no time my dear friend !!!

Are you serious or just telling ‘jocks’ again??

lol, any help is welcome! lessons to taken at the Cubanas meetings


Your english is fine and I wouldn’t take any leg pulling from those of us who to be fair don’t exactly have a mastery of our own language. Some of your pronunciation is a little funny, as no doubt would be my efforts at portugese.

You seem to slip up on “CH”'s like in chat rooms which you pronounced as “SH” and your ubiquitous Jock instead of Joke. If I could manage any of the five (or is it six) languages half as well as you manage english I would be well proud.

I have trouble understanding what sometimes is given to pass as english, scouse, cockney, brummie etc.

Cezar…your english is 100 times better than our Brazilian, it is us who needs the lessons and not you…

lol, thanks guys! now go there and tell Matt that! lol

id watch barro if i wer u , hell have you supporting england without u even realising it…

wot?? lol

Cezar, more than happy to teach you some english.

England are going to win.

Just keep repeating it over and over.

PMSL ahahaha

All you need old chap is some Pimms