Portsmouth Navy Day.

Anyone going to Pompey Navy Day the next 3 days? :slight_smile: I’m off down there on Sunday, MIUs can’t wait:D hahaha

Sounds good to me, parents in Hayling Island just down the road too

where can i find out some more info?

I used to go to the Navy Days at Chatham when I was a boy, I remember them as a great day out, although in those days we actually had a navy to speak of.

More details for the Portsmouth Navy day are at

http://www.meetyournavy.co.uk/ (which is currently down for some reason)



If it were closer to home and I wasn’t night duty I would have been interested in going

Come to Portsmouth and have a great time, but beware there are speed camera’s on most routes into the city.

Check out the viewpoint on Portsdown Hill, best burgers around and always plenty of friendly bikers to meet too.

Have a safe journey. :slight_smile:

thanks for the links, may give it go

Go and have a look around the mighty HMS Enterprise.

Now thats a ship. Sheer luxury! :smiley:

I’m going on the coach cheaper that way! Looks like weather is gunna be nice so think we’re in for a good’un :smiley:

What an awesome day! Lovely weather too! Got loadsa pics, including a few bikes, gunna post them on facebook so feel free to take a look :slight_smile: