Portraits of the fallen............

Click on the link, and watch the slideshow… it actually made me cry.



:frowning: War sucks.


May they RIP and Forever Ride Free.

Dons a pitchfork proof coat…

I find this kind of thing just a bit too maudlin.

Millions of soldiers died in the two world wars, and it was not made into a big deal. Soldiers die in wars, you’ve got to accept it. Now we’ve had a huge song and dance about every single dead soldier, when the numbers pale in significance compared to the past wars.

In eight years, there have been 249 UK fatalities in Afghanistan. On the *first * day at Somme, 20,000 British soldiers lost their lives.

I think everyone can appreciate that fact mate but it’s heart warming to hear of someone that has appeared to devote his life (albeit perhaps he started when he was 50+) to sending such a nice message to the families and friends of the fallen. Afghanistan is small change compared to previous war’s but every death matters. What a nice guy he is.

wow they are so life like its amazing

They are only tracings of photographs but as the man says- the point is that he cares.