Portable? Pressure washer...



Does that count as a hosepipe?

Do a search I’ve already done a thread on this :wink:

local jet wash, in short term but you’ll have to give it another clean before you clay it.

I don’t think so as I don’t really give a sh!t about the ban. That and it is contained. I can’t see it being more economical / evironmentally friendly to get 3 buckets buckets worth only to poperly wet the car first. I suspect the direct approach of the pruessure washer would be more efficient with the water.

@DanielGT - So what key words should I be using to find this potentially irrelevant or outdated information? Last time I checked you were looking for facilities not products.

Kulj - I know but the reason I specifically don’t want to go to a jet wash is that those facilities are designed for quick use. not quite set up for someone who wants to clean their vehicle properly. Not a bad idea for the bike, as it is **** anyway. But not a solution for the car. That and it would mean I actually have to go out of my way to use one they return and do it again for the next vehicle.

@Ricco - How outdated will an alternative to a bucket and sponge get? It helps if you read and think about what you post for five seconds before posting as some of the [email protected] you come out with really doesn’t make sense. But since you are unable to perform a simple search - http://londonbikers.com/forums/896211/quick-question?PageIndex=1

Dan, for you to have made your initial statement means you assumed that I didn’t use the search feature.

BTW “quick question” is not an aptly named thread. However, saying all that searching is pointless without the right key words.

Additionally your thread is regarding your desire to steam clean your bike. Quite bespoke. Quite far off the mark from my situation in which I would like a more efficient way of cleaning two vehicles at the same time while parked on a public road.

Just about the only thing useful on there is the mobiwasher.

The search bar doesn’t just search the title :wink:

Dan all this point to the fact that you haven’t tried searching for your own thread. Now if you want to try boost your post count go troll another thread.

Believe it or not I actually want opinions on other products, not your airhead banter.

There are plenty of opinions on alternative products. If I can remember correctly oldguy suggested a very good alternative which doesn’t require a running water supply.

Ok thank you for the super constructive piece of information. Shame the rest of your life does quite stack up to the same standards.

Thats what I like a bit of appreciation :D. Your right the rest of my life stacks up a lot better :laugh:

Wow! too stupid to detect sarcasm… And here was me thinking it was just straight lines that you couldn’t manage.

Are you two married?

Course not Simon. I’d have him well trained not to answer back if we were :wink:

Ricco, you need one of these bro?