milkshakes are back on the menu guys and girls

i had conformation that they got the machine working lol


Right that’s just confirmed where I shall be! On my lonesome too :unsure:

Awwwwwww Ang we will sit with you … as long as you buy us a milkshake :wink:

Marks not home and I’ve got no money, no cards no nufink atm … Just have to wait for Gem to get home and raid her piggy bank until I go to the bank tomorrow :smiley:

We wont see you starve :wink:

We are still at work :crazy:

Have a drinky for me, i shall be there next week, im soooo excited, and i shall be on my sexy as feck new z750 in black…:smiley: as Patsy is having her work done.

The milkshakes were on, I over indulged :sick:

Yes you did :stuck_out_tongue: I forgot to have one :pinch:

Only two weeks to my next chance :smiley: