Poppins is def on Friday 9th May 7.30 till late

Poppins Good food good times and then on to town for some more fun or what ever takes ya fancy

I think the milk shake is back on

Please remember this is a stunt free zone so please get it outta ya system before ya get there

Poppins then a trip in to town

This is not just a one forum event all welcome from all forums CD, LB, CBC,TLB, SV650, etc, etc ya get the picture.

We will be there, maybe go for a spin after :cool:


Yea, let’s go somewhere!

I will lead if you want :slight_smile: Will require a few milkshakes 1st :wink:

Thats an offer we can’t refuse :wink: I will buy your first milkshake :smiley:

When the offer gets to 5 milkshakes I will be there ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I will buy you 15 milkshakes if it saves me having to go on that TerryMotos ride - was stuck with him all fecking day yesterday :rolleyes:

Thats a deal, 15 it is then :slight_smile: Where would you like to go for a ride after ? I’ll lead :cool: I could well spew up though :DDont blame you for not wanting to go on TM’s ride, dont worry my ride will be a lot slower for you maturer ladies :wink: (I ment that in a nice way :slight_smile: )

Hang on, we have to buy you milkshakes before you’ll come out to actually see your mates and make yourself present at an LB meet?


It’s OK Garret, we’ll make sure he uses a straw you know what these senile old gits are like, dribbling and making a mess everywhere.

Garret you really need to get out and about to some meets and you will see chunky turn up on his bike. so just for you here it is,

Chunky on a motorcycle :w00t: I’ve got to see this… count me in :smiley:

I see your observation is as good as your jokes Jamie;):cool:


I will believe it when I see it… and seeing you puke after 15 milkshakes might be amusing too :hehe:

Come on Nuts I am waiting to hear that penny drop :wink:

you crazy kids :rolleyes:

I think its Chunkeymonkey thats crazy or is that senile? :wink:

well.im gonna book a day off work for holiday tomorrow,just so i can see chunkypants out on his bike…!!!:smiley:

lordy! mee…im bringin me camera!!!:w00t:


There’s no point Shane, everyone will think the pic’s been digitally modified :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m hoping to be out on Friday as I missed my milkshake last time. Can’t let you lot have all the fun! :smiley: