Poppins is def on Friday 25th April 7.30 till late

Poppins Good food good times and then on to town for some more fun

Please remember this is a stunt free zone so please get it outta ya system before ya get there

Poppins then a trip in to town

This is not just a one forum event all welcome from all forums CD, LB, CBC,TLB, SV650, etc, etc ya get the picture

prob gonna miss this one, will be working till late, have to meet y’all at teh sq, or i speak to riz, see what time hes leaving ace?

Got night off work - should be down with a couple of mates from Milton Keynes.

see ya there


Do ya think I need feeding up . . . . do ya . . . . well do ya punk ? :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry mate cant do this ,few of us are going on a rideout leaveing the ace about 830 all welcome .doing route 18: http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic349000-52-1.aspx :smiley: D next time //:wink:

He might not, but the over-enthusiastic Poppins waitress does!
I’ve never said “no thanks, I’m fine” so often!

We’ll be there :smiley:

Maybe out for a spin after :wink:

See you at Poppins Ginge,… if anyone’s got photos they want putting up give me a disk with them on tonight and I’ll add them to the gallery.

Have a milkshake for me!:smiley:

Same here. :w00t:

I’m getting hungrier by the minute 0 :smiley:

Make your own, this time make sure the covers on your keyboard :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

ill be there after ace