I’ll be there but don’t let that put you off!!! I’ll be @ the Ace about 7 to join in the convoy!!

me neither.:smiley:

I would like to say a big thank you to all that came to the Charity Auction last night at Poppins.
The staff at Poppins you are top people tremendous amount of work done for this event.
To all the local businesses thank you for the donations for the auction a special thank you to the shop that donated the £2.00 coin.

To the people who bought the goods give yourself a big pat on the back you are stars.
Ginger took all the jokes in good humour top bloke nice one mate

A truly good night had by all

Oh yes how much was raised a whopping big

£800.00 for LAA.


Mr M9 take a pat on the back for yourself and i hope your throat is ok this morning i would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the good friends of the Poppins family that donated what he did [ top guy ]

and as said well done to everyone there last night, was a good laugh,

well done .

was too cold so I wimped out, but well done all who attended thats a great amount raised. :slight_smile:

Well done M9 and everyone who partooked:)

It was great fun, and Sid (the friend of Poppins) is a true gent. The guys at Poppins are fab and always look after us when we vist. They did a fantastic job in rounding up the auction items.

M9, great enthusiasm as always :kiss: You are a good 'un hun. And Ginger, you help make LB what is it - top bloke :slight_smile:

Big thanks to the guy that bought me flowers and his friends who helped me with the £120 lid voucher by adding their donation of £20! Speaking of that, AndyP, send me your email address so I can paypal you :slight_smile:

It really was great to see people putting their hands in their pockets for a good casue, while having a right giggle at the same time. :cool:

Glad i made the effort to contribute to this worthy cause because you never know one day(god forbid)i might need them!!!

I spent most of the night laughing :stuck_out_tongue:

Shewolf… I was that man that gave you the flowers :blush: It was Tiggi and davebez that donated £20 to help you out with your voucher(bless em):wink:

That was a wicked night!

Big up -
Mike for the hosting!
Poppins gang for getting so many lots!
All the buyers & blowup dolls!

Does anyone know what happened to the English Lessons?
Perhaps it was my mistake to add them to the pot, but I would still like my services to be donated.
So, assuming all is back to square one with the joke bid made on behalf of Steve from N.I., who does not need my help just because he has a strong accent (which is as strong as that of most people in the room last night), 5 x 1 hour lessons of private EFL (English as a Foreign Language) tuition are still up for grabs.

i even bid 6 pounds which i paid to stop you playing that cd on a cd player :laugh:all in all it was a good night, by the way clintos (yrdib) has the man doll and Riz had the women doll we had to leave her in leciester square after she had a hole made into her, me thinks it was riz that caused that after he went into the mc donalds toilet with bot the male and female dolls Top night had bhy me and by other i thinkhope your voice is ok mike and i think im in love :laugh:

Yes mate we bid and paid for em :slight_smile: sorry you could’nt pick who brought em. But it is for Charity…A very good one the LAA, so be a sport like we was :), so what time should our Steve be round :wink: Charity events are about having fun aswell :slight_smile:

Big up M9 for the nite, and all the staff at Poppins that spoil us and make us feel so welcome…Fecking £800, Pukka:cool:

And a special thank you to the Fella that was a freind of Poppins, very generous of you Fella :cool:

Couldn’t be happier for you Steve, at last maybe with this tuition we could all start to understand you.

Top man Garrett, your a better person than me, I wouldn’t have the patience to even try to make any sense of Steve.

I guess we’ll be hearing Steve saying to himself “How now brown cow” :wink:

:hehe: Or the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: Or Garret saying… tirty tree towelsend tilthy fill’ems :hehe:

Thanks R1cky, I’ve had to buy my own flowers for years so nice to have some from a man for a change!!

What did you say? :stuck_out_tongue:

You need the lessons :laugh:

I won the photoshoot!! :smiley: er indoors was well chuffed, i said i can get portraits of my loved ones…unfortunately she wants the kids done and not my bikes!!! :rolleyes:

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good of you (3?) to bid for the lessons, as you said ’ it is for Charity ', :wink:
Let’s give even more by finding someone who would benefit from the lessons. If need be, I’ll give you back the £30 that you paid.
IMO, by donating my services, I was being a sport.

I am qualified to teach people learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Northern Ireland isn’t a foreign country - ask the Queen about that :wink: