This Friday Feb 15th Good Food Plus A Charity Auction in aid of LAA

Time 7-30pm ish Onwards

Place Poppins Upper Richmond Road


cool :smiley:

Will there be a food fight :smiley:

only if you start it!

I think you will find that you are the naughty boy that misbehaved last time :stuck_out_tongue:

Westie being a naughty boy, never, couldn’t possibly be true! :w00t:

terry, will there be any brussel sprouts?!!

There might be a few on the floor still, no doubt you will eat them if somebody chucks them to you:D

Hey Mike, anymore details on this… what you got lined up for us :smiley:

Any page 3 Males willing to do all my housework for the day? :w00t:

Will there be any more photoshoots up for grabs?;):P:D

Who won the last one ? :slight_smile:

Think ya outta luck ange Im busy lmfao :slight_smile:

Just had a chat with Jon at Poppins

All looking good so far some good Auction stuff been give

Deff On Friday 15th Feb Start 7-30 pm onwards :D:D:D

Just a quck updateSome of the stuff for Auction

Desigmer Sun glasses
Stuff Form Infinity Hanger Lane
Hair Dressing
Limited Edition Numbered Motorcycle Prints (if they arrive as no responce to calls and emails)
Jiffy Bag of Cd’s
Profi Lube

You gonna pay me your Xmas sponsor money before doing this Mike? :stuck_out_tongue:

NO as it will have been done before that :slight_smile:

Good boy, so I won’t have to come and put you over my knee now? :smiley:

Don’t threaten him with that - he’ll never pay just to keep on getting the spankings!!!

I’m going to donate some private EFL (English as a Foreign Language) lessons.

Not gonna be able to make it :frowning: